I'm Sally Mansfield, the founder of MANNERS LONDON I'm a self-taught designer, life long hustler, explorer & single mamma.



I moved to London alone with my kid after many years living in Asia, I had no money a wild heart and a very tiny dream. I landed with a small box of pieces I had designed for myself so with my 5 year old in toe and jet lag still raging I went and begged for a stall at Portabello road market, and prayed that women with large bottoms and medium tops would come by and buy the few things I had. And, they bloody did! So, I called the amazing tailor I had been using for years and asked if he could send me some more, and he did! He really made it happen for me, with no capital (and a rapidly fading tan) he trusted me and sent me the next load.
People actually wanted what I was selling! And so MANNERS LONDON was born. 


When I moved to London after many years of living in Asia, I wanted to find a way to stay connected to the beautiful Island of Bali and the small family business that had made me endless, glorious garments during my time there. Being a curvy woman living in Asia, buying clothes from shops was just not an option so I became very close with the tailors I used. I wanted so badly to be my own boss so I could have more time for my son and to create something for women to feel empowered and included. 

And so MANNERS LONDON was born. 



So now I had to really hone down this idea. 

I’ve always loved simple but well-fitted clothes; bodycon dresses, skirts, jumpsuits & leggings are timeless staples for any wardrobe. Along side this I have always hated wearing bra’s!  

Based on what I love to wear (and not wear) and struggled to find in any decent quality, I designed a core collection that women could wear and feel sexy AF in. Women with boobs, bums and tummies need clothes that are form flattering and comfortable. And so the search for the perfect fabric began..

The Fabric:

Premium quality fabric, made from 90% cotton and 10% elastane, is something I will never compromise on, I chose thick cotton jersey for my entire range - it’s what makes Manners different to any other brand. 

I also decided to have some strong prints in the collection, they’re all originals, screen-printed and dried under the Indonesian sun. (rainy season gets pretty tricky!),

The Tailors:

Pak Dewa, his wife Ibu Sunny and their grown up son and daughter made the brand a reality, they’re magicians when it comes to tailoring and know how to fit clothes to a woman’s body, they understand my ridiculous drawings and I couldn’t have made this happen without them.



The hustle.


From selling at Portabello Market in London in 2015 and I moved to Spitalfields market. It was the best research for how my pieces fit, what works and what doesn’t. Sadly in October 2019 juggling the stall and motherhood and the online elements of my business got too much so now I’m just here, behind my laptop, working on the dream.

The inspiring people I meet, who feel empowered by the clothes I design is why I still do it and I’m excited to keep growing the brand, encouraging us to take up space and be unapologetic! 

Come with us…. Join the revolution x