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Manners IRL (in the wild)

Shinni Neck Midi Dress In Black

Introducing the SHINNI dress! As someone who doesn't really wear dresses I have struggled to take this off! ...

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Saffi Dress in Pomegranate Red

This dress is straight up attractive, this bad boy will maybe turn heads a little too much....

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Api Playsuit in Classic Leopard Print

'Api' meaning Fire in Indonesian is kinda all I need to say about this. First it came as a dress and now it's here as a playsuit! ...

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A Letter of Love

“I love my dresses so much, you really are the titty witch!!

My 38KK (but possibly slightly bigger than that giving how my bras don’t fit any more…) look AMAZING and I’ve never been able to go braless because of back pains.

I HAVE NO BACK PAIN IN THIS DRESS!!! You deserve so much hype and love and I feel seriously so beautiful.

I’m probably going to do my makeup later this week and get all dolled up and want to post everywhere I can about how amazing I feel in it!”


Did you know?

Every piece is designed by me, a busy, messy single parent who doesn't own an iron and DEFINITELY does not hand wash anything! I made these for all the days; the sunny days and the sad days, for school runs and the date nights. To dance in and to cry in. I made these for you to wear a thousand times and still be your favourite thing in your wardrobe. I really made these with sooo much love. I hope you feel it when you put them on! xxx

What they said

2143 five star reviews


- Debra -


this is my 7th dress ❤️ with every penny

Asri Cross Back Mini Dress In Mustard Seed

- Rachel -

Love these boob holding dresses

So comfy & as you can layer tops over it, this dress works for all seasons.
Pockets too!!
More colours please

Asri Dress In T. Purple

- Belinda Belinda Lartey -


So I ordered this for a holiday but due to my procrastination it arrived after I had left. So I thought I was going to return it. But I tried it on when I got back and I can't return it because I look divine in it! It holds me well. The purple/green colour is perfect for my skin. This is love!

Multi Tie Reversible One Piece In Grape And Apple Sours

- Jade Hughes -

Amazingly comfortable dress!!

This dress is absolutely awesome!! So comfortable and extremely flattering. Very supportive even without a bra and gives a wonderful shape!!! Hoping for some new colours in this one!!!

Shinni Neck Midi Dress In Black
Shinni Neck Midi Dress Petite In Black

- Laili -


Can't believe how comfortable and flattering this is! Love

Cheeky Reversible High Waist In Grape and Apple Sours

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