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Manners IRL (in the wild)

Api Jumpsuit in Libre

'Api' meaning Fire in Indonesian is kinda all I need to say about this. It's pure FIRE. ....

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Iza Crop Vest Top in White

The uniform. If you know me you know. This top makes me happy when I’m sad. ...

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Super High Waisted Tib Pant in Classic Leopard

A different realm of pants. Super high waisted, double waist banded, ...

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A Letter of Love

" I just had a moment of sadness when I realised that the elastic in one of my plain long black vests is going at last. Then I realised that I’ve worn that vest multiple times a week for 2 years. That it went on under everything through a year of lockdowns. That it’s spent a year in the tropics. It gets drenched in sweat, seawater or both every wear. It gets washed by strangers and tumble dried indiscriminately. It gets full sun exposure both on and off my body.

That this vest has hugged my body for 2 years and held out through the abuse of transient boat life is a miracle. Not a single hole or loose thread. Barely any fading. It’s a hero of a vest. No bra or vest I’ve owned before could ever come close.
Bravo "

Ailsa - From the Caribbean sea

Did you know?

Every piece is designed by me, a busy, messy single parent who doesn't own an iron and DEFINITELY does not hand wash anything! I made these for all the days; the sunny days and the sad days, for school runs and the date nights. To dance in and to cry in. I made these for you to wear a thousand times and still be your favourite thing in your wardrobe. I really made these with sooo much love. I hope you feel it when you put them on! xxx

What they said

1262 five star reviews



I cannot even begin to tell you how perfect they are! They are the dreamiest, most magical and empowering bottoms ever. You need them in your life! Thank you, Sally! X

Megan Morrison

I wear this thing everywhere.

It fits like a second skin. I wear it at least once a week and I have enough clothes for you, her, them and I. I will find a load of clothes just to wash it. It's so heavy duty and the comfort is insane. After a long day in it, if I'm tired enough, I'll even sleep in it. I'm obsessed with this brand. Bravo.

Leandrea Johnson

Love it

Absolutely amazing dress. I have never worn a dress without a bra since I was a kid (46 now and a 32 G) it’s so simple and feels and looks awesome on. Definitely magic!Selling my artwork to buy more dress art from you.



I've never felt comfortable wearing tight clothes as I felt really self conscious... however this dress made me feel like a million dollars and like the sexiest being on the planet! Thank you manners!


I need everything in the shop

Finally decided to treat myself and I cannot believe I waited so long!!! The dress is such good quality and I feel like an absolute badass bitch in it. Definitely worth the hype and I will definitely be buying lots more.


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