Note from Sally - 
The little bottle you'll read about below is very close to my heart, made by someone very close to my heart.
When I arrived at Spitalfields market with a few pieces of clothing and a shit load of fear, this woman scooped me up/bigged me up/joked me up!
On the coldest days where we sold fuck all, we would laugh until we cried into our chip butties and now this brilliant woman has made this amazing unisex fucking delicious perfume. I am so happy to be able to share it with you!
Have a read, give her a follow and if you can, buy her perfume because you know how we do here!
SLOW BURN was an idea I knew I wanted to make happen but never had time to put into action.
Working on my market stall in Spitalfields London, sourcing stock, sewing and really just doing life didn't leave many free hours.
Last year with lockdown I had probably for the first time in years, space to think creatively in a different direction.
I wanted to create a fragrance that smells amazing on everyone. Cashmeran and Amber are the stars, they work together brilliantly, spicy and rich. Also, because Cashmeran is a little spendy you're not constantly reapplying which means the bottle lasts longer.
It has been a real learning curve; interesting, hugely rewarding, mindbendingly frustrating at times but something I am immensely proud of.
I'm also incredibly grateful for all the lovely comments from everyone who has received a sample of SLOW BURN, and equally grateful to everyone who has purchased a bottle.
Visit SLOW BURN on insta @slowburn.original or the website