FEATURE - Amber The Bosom

Who the f*ck are you? Tell us with your whole chest
A question that always stumps me but here goes with my whole chest!
I am Amber, an active, intense, deep and silly woman who just loves happiness atm.
It's been a journey to get here but now I am in Happy Land I can reflect on who I've been, am and will be.
I'm a spiritual teacher and healer, creative, high priestess, psychic and model... not much then.
I am really into facing fears, showing up even if I am scared, Speaking and saying it with my whole damn chest and overall going for what I feel drawn to until I am not.We're here to live and my thirties are teaching me all about change and flowing with true presence.
I run a community healing centre with my Mama and overall its f*cking amazing.
I have been to hell and back in my 35 years and smiled a shit load during it all.
So I decided to help others through dark tunnels too, which seemed fair.
I am pretty good at tackling the grim and helping people smile again.
Lastly I am a multifaceted being and aim to take up all the space with you beautiful souls by my side.
What are you shouting about?
I am really screaming about healing but that changes as I change but it's a deep passion to help people to reach their full potential.
Little butterflies and sparkles just burst in my guts when I get to see it.
I ADORE my work and my latest fave is WILD GRACE - The healing dance class of the century (if I do say so myself). This class is life changing, fun and healing *TOOT TOOT*.
It is beautiful, 100 women coming together to heal, laugh and DANCE freely together. 
COMMUNITY LINK UP! There is a 31 Day Challenge to go alongside through January and February the class on 05.02.2022
If you feel the call please take a look on my website and instagram for more feels and info. 
The reason I bash on about anything to do with healing is because well; one, I've healed from being a part of DV growing up, witnessing violence as a child can really make a dysfunctional adult, I knew I had to utilise it. Then my own adult experiences carrying that heavy suitcase of trauma had to be faced. 
And two, Abuse in general has the ability to mould us and alter our perceptions of reality.
Healing gives us all a moment to acknowledge it all and tap into what we deserve, are worthy of and change the whole narrative. That really excites me and fills me up with true love.
I'm an Aquarius for my astro babes. Humanitarian energy drips through my veins.
What to want to teach us, tell us, sell us
To teach means to show... I hope to show any vibration of freedom, laughter, freedom oh and FREEDOM.
We live in an over zealous time with information and suggestion overload. All I desire is to touch a person right in the centre of the heart. 
I have always wanted to just be there in a way that others couldn't be there for me.
Be the change and all that jazz... I fear deep water and rats but other than that, emotionally bring it!
I am a lover and have faith my existence shows and therefore teaches that.
*COUGH COUGH* and WILD GRACE, truly love holding space for anyone who's open and ready to show up.
If there's anything I can assist you with, I am here.Thank you for your time, it's precious.
Email for enquiries: contact@thebosom.co.uk
Location: WOW ACTON, Wendover Court, Western Avenue, London, W30TG