Child of Light Foundation



To mark my birthday this year,  I want to take a pause to highlight Kelechi Okafor's project, Child of Light Foundation and ask my nearest and dearest to join me throughout December in supporting the INCREDIBLE work they're doing. Because we can dance and we can celebrate in our HOT NEW MESH, but we can also give (however little) and make a real difference together. 

About Child of Light Foundation
Child of Light Foundation thrives on the ethos that it is up to Africans to reimagine the way that Africa is actualised. For too long antiquated and colonial perceptions of Nigeria have allowed for a problematic industrial complex framed as “orphanages” to dominate. We aim to accommodate and educate those who truly have no relatives while supporting the mothers who want to gain skills in order to create a better life for themselves and their families. We are all beings of light and together we can shine so much brighter.

Child of Light Children Home & Resource Center will:

  • Accommodate up to 20 girls who have no relatives, to live comfortably and safely.
  • Provide the means for the girls to be educated and to participate in enriching extra curricular activities.
  • Ensure that world class social workers, educators and therapists are always on hand to support the girls as they grow.
  • Enable mothers to enroll in free short courses taught online by incredibe facilitators – in order to gain skills that can be utilised for better socio-economic standing.
  • Provide day to day essentials that mothers might need, but may not have the finances to purchase.