Working from home (WFH) just got SEXY AF!

This all sucks (well, some bits anyway. But, there is also so much fucking magic - Its 8am and my sons still here so getting my swearing out on thus, apologies)

There's a lot to say and nothing simultaneously. On Wednesday I gave into the fear and today I am staying off line and stretching and breathing and thinking of all the amazing messages and support I have received over the last week and really sitting in that magic for as long as I can, (and looking at pictures of land and dreaming about a new communal way of life)

But in the mean time we are working from home and as the self crowned Queen of WFH and being sexy yet isolated, I got you! Every time the fear creeps in I bang on the music and dance hard in front of the mirror (I promise it works) infact, tomorrow if you'd like I'll attach a spotify playlist so you can join the 'movement'!

So here are my favourite WFH outfits and I have extended the 30% off your second item so you can get fully kitted out to sit this one out. 

Sending so much love to all and gratitude for all the love and support! It is really a beautiful time to be alive if you can step outside of your world a little.


Sal xx

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