We want you to Brag it, shout it, share it, own it.

It's Friday! The sun is maybe starting to come out, or it may just be that my spirit is happier than it has been for a few weeks. But I'm taking it whether it's internal or the real summer pushing through and I really hope you are feeling the same.

The last big moon mashed me up (hard) which I needed. So, after 2 weeks of crying and feeling very very delicate, this new moon (and a lot of digging deep) seems to have really shifted some shit and I finally feel ready to pick up all the things I put down again, joyfully!

I've been reading a couple of amazing books this week (check the book list section below) that have made me think a lot about what I am doing here, how I'm showing up (or not) as a Mum, a friend, a part of a community and a business ( oh shit, and for myself, I forgot that bit)! and part of it has brought me back, as always, to community.

As a small start I am changing up the newsletter in the hope of making it a platform to share and support and lift up other women (because lifting your tits is great but I'm ready to up the game and see how far we can all rise together).

If you know someone who you think needs a little spotlight or if you have something you want to share, teach, offer, promote then let's do this. The link to submit is below.

We want you to Brag it, shout it, share it, own it. Tell us something you that want the world to know about, it can be something you are proud of, something that you are good at, something you think people need to know, hold your head high and say it with your whole chest, we're listening x



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