I have woken today feeling different. Maybe it's my new trip around the sun or maybe it's the solstice, but whatever it is, fuck, it feels good!
The shortest day has arrived, so it's all up from here, baby! And I feel that. My body and mind feel lighter. I feel so filled with gratitude for the beautiful birthday I had.
I was feeling a bit flat about being in a new city. Not knowing that many people and having outrageously high expectations but outrageously poor planning skills but, this year was magic. I invited 10 people to swim in the icy waters at 10am on a Saturday morning (10 people who do not swim in cold water - if at all). Every single one showed up, and every single one swam! Collective effervescence! Pure, pure joy, in each other collectively, in ourselves, in surrendering to nature, in the icy waters on our skin, in the bright blue winter sun, and in new beginnings! I'm still fizzing from it. So this morning I took some time to really sit with that gratitude and how good it feels to be right here, right now.
That is all! Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice. Here's to the light coming back to us, gently but consistently.
Love, love, love!

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