Hey all!
Just emailing from a sunny cafe in Barcelona sipping on my Cafè con leche :) but fuck meeee am I tired. Since my decision 6 ish weeks ago it's been non stop! My kid has been home for 18 months and this bitch is stressed and in need of rest!
But we've still got a way to go. An apartment to find, a lot of Spanish bureaucracy to wade through to get my babe into school (I love that boy but the day he goes back to school I might actually float up into the air Mary Poppins style)! I am so grateful that I got to take him out and give him time to heal but boy am I ready to have a routine and work without juggling homeschooling!
I am ready to have a schedule again, exercise, early morning swims, focused work! Oooh and might even have time to design that swim range you've all been asking for. Fuck it I might even go on a date!
Anyway... If you, like me feeling like you are running on empty join me and the amazing Jazreena next Wed for this sound healing... I know I neeeeed it right now!

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