Fuck me! I just slept for 13 hours straight. 
It has been a HUGE few months but last night I slept on my own mattress on my own bedding in our HOME in Barcelona!! When the truck arrived yesterday my kid grabbed me and said, "What the hell, Mum! You did this!"  and I'm gonna take a little moment to feel proud of myself.
Less than 8 weeks ago it was a little spark in my mind to move to Barcelona and I am now sat at my table with the sun pouring through the doors, writing this with that little twinkle in my eye.
There's still  a lot to do but at least we have a home! Yesterday I thought I was going to break with the strain of it all, but today I can revel in everything I pulled off yesterday and carve out a little time to appreciate it all (And try and slow down a little, the boxes do not need to be all done today).
Today after chasing my tail for weeks, I will find the time to remember and start to practice those little rituals that keep me grounded. Today after weeks of clenching my jaw and letting my mind control me I will slow the fuck down. 
Today I will unpack my favourite mug and sip tea from it. Lie on my terrace with the sun on my face and breathe deeply, get my phone back out of my bedroom and maybe re-pot a plant or two while listening to a podcast.
Today I will appreciate how very far we have come to get here.

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