The World in Brighter Colour

Slow the f*ck down!

After 3 weeks of everything looking, tasting, feeling grey as fuck I find myself seeing the world in colour again.

Depression has run through all the women in my family. My grandma was hospitalised numerous times for her mental health and my mum has battled with it her whole life, so I feel lucky that I get to live a larger and larger amount of my life without it but when it comes for me it definitely comes hard.
 So to have come out the other side and to be seeing, tasting, feeling everything in bright colour again is something I'm not going to let pass me without appreciating it.

 In a quest to stay illuminated I will be creating more and more space to illuminate other women (because that's my jam) so we will be continuing to feature incredible, powerful, vulnerable, interesting women here every week until we have our new slick site up and running which will have a platform/directory where we can big you up harder and forever!


Brag it, shout it, share it, own it.

Who the f*ck are you? Tell us with your whole chest

Hey you beauties, anyone else feel weird about writing about themselves at times? Great. Not just me then LOL, thankfully I'm actually much better now so here goes. My name is Simone, (fun fact I'm actually named after Nina Simone & had no idea until 2018) I'm 33 and I live in South London in the cosiest little flat that I ADORE!


I am a M O T H E R ~ G U I D E. A what? You will hopefully become accustomed to the expression but It's honestly the only label I resonate with that can fully encompass my path on earth. At its essence my work is about guiding us back home to the feminine, back to the mother within ourselves. All about the NURTURE! It's a remembering of WHO WE TRULY ARE at the deepest level, connecting through our hearts and our sacred space of creation ~ OUR WOMBS! I do this through holding safe heart centred space whilst birth keeping (Doula’ing), womb healing sessions/treatments, teaching offerings & cacao communions. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my work and have to regularly pinch myself. I get to hold space for healing hearts, wombs, drinking ancient chocolate (cacao) and supporting mamas birthing new life into the world and it's honestly PURE MAGIC!


What are you shouting about?

What is continuously present for me at the moment is COMMUNITY and our collective healing. We are constantly conditioned on who and how to be by the outside world, we are being exposed to trauma daily and it's becoming WAY too normal for my liking. On the flip side, I'm also seeing and experiencing a lot of coming together and I wanna see and be a part of facilitating more of it! Less time consumed by external chaos and more time connecting to the truth of who we are, experiencing more internal peace. That way we can show up more lovingly for ourselves, we can pause, breathe and do our best to heal from the inside out. As we heal ourselves we make space for a better now and future for our children (its all about the babies man), for more connected, heart centred community where we can ALL THRIVE!


What do you to want to teach us, tell us, sell us

I want you to PAUSE, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Go!

Now I want you to remember that your breath is your anchor and your life force, you can always come back to it to get present. I want you to feel empowered & know that everything you need is within you. I also want you to know that you are the creator of your life, so what you creating, are you showing up fully for yourself or are you playing small in this dance through life? I don't wanna sell you anything but I do want to invite you to come home to you, to the desires of your heart. I want you to forgive yourself for the ways in you've dishonoured yourself and commit now to SHOW UP FULLY, for yourself, your community and be your authentic self, creating from a place of LOVE & TRUTH.


Of course, I think you should do all of this dressed head to toe in MANNERS but whatever floats your boat baby….


You are so deserving beautiful soul, don't you forget it.


Loving you all ~

Simone xx


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