Sunday Freedom and a side note on noticing the little things....

It's Sunday, my hair is a mess, my flat is a mess but I am KID FREEEE. This is a big deal in the life of a solo Mum. 
When i found out I had a panic and thought of 100 things i 'should' do, drinking, eating, seeing people but then I remembered my new practice of noticing.
I've joined the amazing Getting Free 2020 programme and the first stage is noticing things that bring you joy. Just noticing everything really. So firstly I noticed that my desire to make the most of my time was making me anxious as shit. Which is def not how I want to spend my hours of freedom. 
After a short think (and look at the driving rain outside) I decided to piece together a few things at home that bring me joy. First I took off my trousers, because being in my knickers and a vest makes me happy. Then I played music and danced, because dancing makes me feel light, then I watered my plants and stroked my cat and make a silly video and just basked in the fact that there is so much happiness in the little things if we just take time to notice them.
Also I noticed how much happier i am in my body, from a girl who wore a hoody tied around her waist every day I am moving my body in front of the mirror and actually enjoying it.

Notice the little things, you may be surprised what you find


Me x

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