On Slowing the F**k Down

OK, slowing down is not my forte. But I am really working on it so I thought I'd share in case it encourages you to do the same.

My only real goal this year is to slow the fuck down. Every. Single. Day. I have spent my whole life, running, moving, starting over, setting myself challenges, just doing anything I can to speed up. I know that a lot of it comes from trauma but we've hung out enough now so I am ready to change this shit up. I literally did a full-time law degree just to prove to someone who actually doesn't exist (my ego)? that I could spin even more plates. But I'm done with that chick! (and my poor son most certainly is too, imagine living with the ... who's that spinning cartoon character? for 11 years)!
So, until my body catches up and understands that we are safe and all is well I'm gonna have to train her, every single day to slow down and I'm writing it here because writing it down makes it serious.

This morning I woke up early without setting my alarm and spent a whole hour with myself, I wrote, I sang, I drank tea in my favourite cup, I stroked my body (I know I keep talking about this but it's the most beautiful thing, I stroked my face, my shoulders, my arms) and it cried when I did. Like it had been waiting for that it's whole life.

I am making a deal with myself that I am not going to equate my worth with my productivity any more (shit I might even hire someone to do some more of the work) that I am going to take time out all through the day and I am going to stop running from myself.  And, I think I'm going to design the most luxurious robe to wear every morning for my slow morning rituals so you can all have one too because matching outfits are my jam!

If you have any tips for morning rituals ummm... make a story and tag #MannersMornings so we can share them!
Because fuck this heaviness.

Together we rise.

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