On finding awe in the small things

It's been a big summer. A different summer.
I had a month of childlessness which is a first, and my favourite moments by far were the small ones.
The insignificant moments of quiet and nature and connection. The hours spent sat alone on a beach in shallow waters collecting one of every colour of pebble I could find, childlike singing to myself and thinking of nothing but the shape of the pebbles and their colours when wet.
Hours spent with a new friend diving off rocks and feeding back to each other, to perfect our diving, "run a little faster, jump a little higher, legs a little straighter" we said, feet dangling over sea grass and fish, cicadas screeching their tips from the trees.
The joy found with the four ponies that lived next door who came when I called and let me stroke them and feed them.
Moments spent plucking warm figs off trees, gratefully, and eating them slowly, feeling like I had received a precious gift. And what I realised is that so many of my behaviors I had labeled as habitual, are in fact circumstantial.
Are actually reactions to business and productivity and being a single parent, and that maybe, if I really try and I can break some of them to find more awe in the little things in my real life.
Hope you find a little awe today, and tomorrow, and every day.
Love always,
Sal x

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