My Fave Things This Week

I'm gonna keep it brief because the words just aren't coming today, but trying to not only write when I feel excited (like last week post social media break) but also when shit feels thicker and stickier and ickier. Like today! Yay!


Although I am sat in my pants and fave lilac top sipping, and the kid's still just about asleep so grateful for this quiet moment.


My fave thing on social media was, actually there are two. One was Leeanne trying to get blueberries from her bush in the garden and being attacked by a bird and the other was @misssanchialedge stories about 'I am happy today because...' which rather than slipping into the ick imma go ahead and list some shit I'm happy about today and leave you in peace to do the same if you feel like it. 


I am happy today because the sky is grey which feels restful and peaceful. 


I am happy today because my kid is playing in the playground so my working guilt isn't hanging over me (I just came back to this after starting when he was asleep)!

I am happy today because I put clean bedsheets on my bed incase I feel less happy later any need that extra ahhhhh to lift my mood.

I am happy today because I ate the crunchiest most buttery croissant and watched my pup hoover up all the flakes so I didn't have to.

I am happy today because my Mum is OK.

I am happy today because Candice Carty- Williams wore my clothes and they looked like they were made for her!.


I am happy today because people all over the world are wearing clothes I designed which blows my mind!


I am happy today because the women who chose to work with me are so absolutely brilliant and kind and funny and wonderful.


I am happy today because I found some words that made me feel happy today when I wasn't so much before starting to write this.


If you can, take a moment, take a breath, write a word, write a few.


Feature - Candice Carty-Williams

The amazing Candice Carty-Williams is a writer and author of the Sunday Times bestselling Queenie. Which if you haven't read it yet, you can buy it here!

This week Candice wore the Leki top and trackie bottoms in Acid Wash. This is my fave set ever, and to be honest I thought was made for me until she wore it! (At the Roundhouse on stage as a judge!)


You can read more about Candice's character, Queenie, here and catch her at the Southbank Centre, on the 23rd October, where she will be talking about her debut YA novel, Empress and Aniya and the value of true friends.

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