Logging Off, Slowing Down and Drinking More Water

I've lost my flow recently. Parent guilt has been whooping my ass and I feel at an all-time rock bottom creatively. The old me would just push on but I'm still really trying to be gentler, softer, slower which is EXTREMELY hard for me.

This week to try and find my way back to myself even just for moments I have set an alarm 3 times a day to check in with myself and my heart, to stop whatever I'm doing and see how I'm feeling behind all the noise, all the doing.

There's so much I want to do and so many new things coming but right now I am burnt out so I need to slow down in order to be able to do them. Plus my kid needs more of me than I have given him this month so I am deleting IG off my phone for the weekend (also recognizing how sad it is that that feels like a rebellious act)  and taking a little time to live in the real world with my kid and my lil pooch!

I'd love to hear some of your ways of slowing down and getting back to yourself so please send them over if you have any goodies.

The rain is raining today so I'm gonna go and lie on my son's bed and help him with his business and cuddle the pup and try and drink more water.

Slow down

Log off



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