International Women's Day..and SISTERHOOD.

Not sure how to convey the depths of my excitement, but here goes....


With part joy and part relief I bring to you.... Sisterhood, in collaboration with my wonderful cousin @hixxy.

This print named “Sisterhood’ represents freedom, with naked unapologetic womxn of all ages, abilities and ethnicities embracing their natural beauty and strength from their body hair to their power poses.


Lastly, I did this... It nearly killed me but I'm so fucking proud of it so, if you love it PLEASE PLEASE share it with everyone you know, and ask them to share it with everyone they know.....

Here to celebrate all womxn, and landing this International Women's Day is a collaboration of an extraordinary group of influencers, models, mothers, videographers, dancers, and lovers in a new  poetic video that will take up space outside of the male gaze.

The background of this is so important, as it feels reflective of my rising out of the ashes, my recovery from domestic violence and male control and the need for community! Together we can rise out of the male gaze, drop our razors, our heels and our bras and live our truth! To bleed and laugh and love with abandon and to walk the streets united and without fear.

Love you!

Sal xxx

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