I WON!! (but do better) Proud but angry but proud...

So, last night I bloody WON the Great British Entrepreneur of the Year awards for Fashion and Beauty in the South West!


But, are we really still here? Still being handed accolades by white cishet middle-aged men? Still totally exclusive? Where are the subtitles, the accessibility, the diversity, the actual decent banter (jeeeez). Once again beneath the feeling of pride for winning lies a very bitter taste. Not dissimilar to the one where Peter Jones in the Dragons Den wanted to tell me (a curvy WOMXN) what curvy f-ing womxn need! Gahhhhhh! Can you feel the rage? See where we are at?

Adds notes to five-year plan :

  • Fuck the system!
  • Drown out the voices of white cishet middle-aged men.
  • Create womxn lead, womxn run inclusive accessible awards.
  • Oh and defund the police!

Every time it feels we've inched forward the man pops up to tell us we're still just where we have always been.

From me.

Proud but angry but proud.

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