Home Alone

It's the WEEKEND and, I can officially say that because I am kid free! Whaaaat? What is that noise??? Sweet sweet silence! I love my kid but fuck me. It's been a long year. 

But, in that excitement I'm a bit scared. Because I'm gonna try something new. I'm going to try and let myself be alone, really alone. Who the fuck am I when I'm not parenting or hustling? What will I discover when I actually go quiet? When I cut out the constant noise that I've wrapped around me like a safety blanket, the constant communication, online, with my kid, talking to my pets, singing to myself, listening to podcasts, watching, reading, texting... gahhh!! Who the fuck am I in the quiet, and why have I been hiding from her for so long.

I know there will be play and light and movement, but I'm pretty sure there's some hard shit there too lying in wait. 

So, wish me luck! I'm stepping through the the dark side - the quiet side, and I'm excited (and scared and excited)!

Have a beautiful weekend and if you can, take a little quiet, who knows what you'll find there.


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