You know those months where you just go deep. Where you need a little time to get your words straight and adjust your voice a bit. Where you feel like you've learned loads of shit but your voice hasn't quite caught up with your head (a bit like my orders catching up with your demand, we'll touch on that later)!


Well, that's where I've been, adjusting, catching up, revisiting some old shit and unpacking boxes both metaphorically and in 'real-life'.


Moving house has been a big one for me, for us. I have moved back to Bristol which I left 10 years ago with a tiny baby in my arms an abusive husband and a fading light in my eyes. So, coming back here has been a journey. It has meant turning street corners and meeting that terrified girl. It has been finding a hard drive I didn't know existed full of 5 years of memories I had erased.


So I've done a lot of forgiving, a lot of grieving and a lot of realising what a bad bitch I am and how deeply fucking grateful I am to be where I am, safe, happy, free. And proud for the first time of where I am as a Mum, a woman, a business, all a that. It's like the heartache, the hustle, the war of 10 years is over and life is just beautiful. But also a bit sad that I am only able to forgive myself when all along I have been doing my best. But hey, its a journey!


So, I guess I just wanted to check in and tell you where I have been and say thank you. My business is growing faster than I could have ever dreamt but turns out that growth is as fucking messy and uncomfortable in business as it is in real life!


Yesterday I did a post to say sorry to those that are still waiting for their orders and thank you for your patience and I have been inundated with the kindest most loving messages. I woke up feeling so grateful and excited by life, by the process, by the painful exciting growth, by this, by you all.


So, thank you for allowing me to grow and thank you for all the love.

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