Feature - Cynthia Ewers-Cobb


Who the f*ck are you?

Hi, I’m Cynthia, 


I live in South East London with my husband Gareth and my dog Chester. I’ve always been a bit of a workaholic and constantly on the go and looking to make the most of life and myself. 


I’m a qualified speech and language therapist and a board certified behaviour analyst. What does this all mean? It means, I’ve spent far too long studying!

I co-run 3 businesses a private speech and language practice, a co-working office space and a new health and wellness coaching business to help women with fibroids and endometriosis achieve pain free periods.

What are you shouting about? 

I started WellWomb partly because I personally I have fibroids and endometriosis. Growing up, i had horrendous periods, sometimes being in bed for days thinking that this type of pain was normal. Doctors were not often understanding and would not believe how bad the pain was.

Years later, I was diagnosed with a 10cm fibroid and endometriosis and ended up having the fibroid removed. I also learned that if I changed my lifestyle and nutrition then I wouldn’t have to have painful periods. I wanted to share my experience and teach other women that you don’t have to suffer and pain free periods are absolutely possible with the right nutrition and habit change techniques. 

What do you want to teach us, tell us, sell us? 

I want tell women with fibroids and endometriosis that pain free periods are absolutely possible. I want to teach you everything that I have learned so that you can be pain free too. I host a weekly room on Clubhouse where we discuss fibroid and endo topics and take questions from women who want help and I also have a free pain free period cheat sheet you can download from my website.


You can follow me on Instagram where I post help-guides and videos content to support whatever stage you are on your journey.



Instagram and TikTok -  @wellwomb_

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