Be careful what you wish for, by the witchy cynic.

The lazy Manifester. An advent calendar of truths.

Its been a while and I've been so tied up in the tricky sticky yucky logistics of trying to change up my business that I've dropped the ball on writing, connection, creating so here's a start and a hi and a Merry Christmas and a little share.

So, about a week or so ago in my usual lackadaisical style I decided to make a vision board, because, why not. The cynic i me told me it was lame but the dreamer grabbed the pritt stick and went hard.

One of my biggest fears is public speaking (even more so after my Dragons Den experience earlier this hear) so the 1st pic was a woman speaking to a room of women. And, since then I have been approached and asked to speak at TWO totally unrelated women in business events! What the actual fuck?! This all seemed great until today when I woke to my sabotaging voice telling me this was way out of my league, what could I possibly share, and what could a women who still types with only her index fingers have to say.
Between that and the turmoil of whether or not I could squeeze another day out of my hair without washing it, the day has nearly gone and the event is drawing near. So, I've decided, fuck it! Whether I have enough to say or not, showing up is still a win. So I'm off to wash my hair (wild and reckless as ever) and eat some cake and show the hell up, for myself.

And like the advent calendar for my son that i raced round the shops on the 5th of December trying to find, this too is a little bit late in its arrival but hopefully all the juicier for it!

More to come in the Advent of Truths and here's a link to the event should you want to join and whoop from the back! 

Love to all as always

Sal xx

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