Are you taking your pleasure seriously yet?

It's 7am and my milk frother stopped working, weep. So, my morning ritual of my sexy coffee (in my new sexxxyyy AF mug) just isn't as pleasurable.

Last week I had total burn out and this week I started exercising again and thought a lot yesterday about how I need to really practice what I preach and focus on my self-care and pleasure as a priority not as a reaction to hitting a wall. I just got so wrapped up in the hustle and being productive I let the pleasure rituals slip (except bathtime, bathtime always stays).

I guess this pleasure obsession is why I started Manners London because no matter how hard I am being on myself at the very least I want my body to be treated with kindness. At least there's never any wire or elastic or diggy buttons giving me extra shit!

So as a way to give you all a little extra pleasure on this journey I have extended the 20% off sale until Monday night (it was supposed to be Sunday but I got the days wrong when I did it)!

So burn your bras and get comfortable so when the frother messes up your morning at least your tits are happy and free!

Love always

Sal xx


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