A Well Overdue Letter...

Phew! It's a big day today. As you all know its IWD. Usually, I would have been preparing for this for months but this year I guess I was just pushing through each day so I woke this morning feeling flat.

This time a year ago we launched this video which I am still SO proud of and so grateful to every incredible woman that joined me in creating it!

But today feels different. I woke feeling like, I don't know if I feel like being a 'woman' today. Of all the labour that being a woman requires. It's IWD but I don't feel like being a Mum or a survivor, a powerhouse or a warrior.


 It's IWD and I wish maybe just for a day I could lay down my womanhood and feel the restfullness of that. To all the women everywhere who are tired. Put it all down, even just for a moment and breathe.

So today to recognise IWD I will donate 20% of all my sales to Sistah Space charity.

You can donate directly to the amazing work they do for DV survivors directly here: SISTAH SPACE

In other news... I have been  selected to join the UN Women UK delegation to the Commission on the Status of Women which kicks off in 3 mins so, another short and sweet one from me!!

Also, today is a good day to check your feeds (and your feminism) for inclusivity and diversity. If they don't include the queer women, the trans women, the disabled women, the fat women, the black women then you got some work to do!!

Love as always to all the women in you, especially the tired ones

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