A Few Words on Pleasure


I've been thinking a lot about pleasure lately especially after listening to this amazing podcast (Here's the link).

Pleasure as luxury vs pleasure as a necessity?

Sis, we've been doing it allll wrong.  So as of now, I have decided to make pleasure an absolute necessity. MY pleasure. This means unpicking all the things I do just because.

Here's an example of a simple pleasure upgrade:
Every morning I have a cup of coffee. I thought about how I could add pleasure to that. How can I make this morning ritual ooze with pleasure, so, I put my speaker in the kitchen so I can now listen to music as I make it, I bought a milk frother so it tastes like coffee shop coffee and I put a chair in my garden to sip it in before the day begins. I made my morning coffee sexy as fuck.

With this new focus on pleasure, I wanted to bring something new to the next collection (it's not really a collection because the idea of a 'collection' brings me heaps of anxiety which is definitely not pleasurable). It's a  delicious new lounge/underwear set that will make your body shiver with pleasure. Because while you work out all the other ways to bring pleasure into your lives I have at the very least got your clothes covered...

 Watch this space for when it drops!

Love always

Sal xx

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