A few words on loneliness

Loneliness seems to still be something that no one talks about. But I'm doing it. Some days I feel so lonely it physically hurts. Motherhood is lonely. Single motherhood is lonely-lonely. In a culture of toxic individuality and personal 'strength' being worn like a badge of honour, somedays it gets tiring.

Maybe we fear saying we're lonely because then people will think we aren't happy by ourselves, but surely, like everything, both can co-exist. I feel both empowered and happy by myself, but do I get lonely? Fuck, yeah.


A few days ago, amidst this seemingly never-ending loneliness, a gorgeous new friend and fellow single parent turned up with a bunch of flowers and a card. It reminded me that I am never alone but also how fucking deeply important these acts of love and care are. Especially now in this weird, confusing lonely time. So, I'm going to go extra hard to check for people and perform little acts of kindness more because maybe we all get lonely as fuck, but we just haven't found the words to convey it yet.


If you're feeling lonely, drop me an email. If you're not, reach out to someone. Post them a card, send them a message. It might make more of a difference than you realise.






A lonely but loved me x



Amanda Jacobson

I'm so lucky to have so many amazing womxn in the Manners community. 

Meet Amanda, activist, podcaster and all round badass! 

Every day Amanda features a different fundraiser or social justice cause on her grid, highlighting the needs of those who really need it most. 


She also hosts, not one but TWO fabulous podcasts. A crime podcast called Wine and Crime and a gaming podcast called a whimsical comedy RPG pod called Could've Been Heroes. You have to check them out. 

Amanda wore the High Waisted Tib Pants in Libre last week whilst throwing real life axes and I fell in love. 



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