A Few Words on Joy

I feel like my content has been a bit heavy recently so wanted to write a few lighter brighter words on joy and pleasure (now I'm finding my way back to them).

I have dedicated the last 2 weeks to the pursuit of joy, my joy first (which as a single mother is definitely a new concept). Seeking out tiny little pockets of joy in things. I have started putting my shoes in the shoe rack when I come in rather than just leaving them all over the hallway. I have turned my phone off while I take my lunch. I have lit candles in my living room every evening, taken icy cold swims in my favourite bikinis, I have played music on waking up and I have soothed myself by holding my hands like a lover, stroking my arm when I fall asleep and noticing, really noticing the little things that bring me a little extra light and doing more of that. And fuck me, it's really worked!

This morning I re-wrote some of my tag lines that really don't serve me anymore. Old stories that no longer define me (mostly about validation through productivity and the 'stuckness' of single parenthood) old, dead stories I don't want to speak life into anymore. It just felt so good to write them down and decide to let them go.

Anyway, all of that to say, I hope today you notice that extra bit of light that sits in the small things. I hope that you find a little extra joy. There's so much more of it than I realised.

Right, off to savour every mouthful of my delicious curry and listen to the crrrunch as I bite into a warm crispy paratha! Mmmmm mmmm!

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