A Few Words on Dragon's Den

Screenshot of a tweet featuring Sally on Dragon's Den

Just as I was about to sleep last night they went and aired my Dragons Den appearance again. If you know me, you'll know that 9pm is my bedtime and I really don't appreciate it being disturbed! And as do most things this triggered a lot of thinking, so here are a few 'late' night ruminations for me...

It's like between the move and this replay, life is really asking me to look back and appreciate how things have changed and how fucking good life is now.

I was asked to be on Dragons Den Last year in April (yeah, they do that) and I, of course, said yes, my hope was to appear but not receive investment as I pretttty sure they are not aligned with my brand (or life) values!  It was a rough month, I had just left temporary accommodation after 4 years, and had that weekend attended my son’s father’s funeral aaaand written my whole Law dissertation which I submitted right before I jumped on a train to Manchester with a gang of brilliant women! (and a hot new boyfriend cheering me on from afar).


I was terrified, I'm still not sure why exactly, the cameras? the exhaustion? Or because a lot of my dreams/plans were about to be shot down and even laughed at by those people. Yeah, yeah, that was it!

Anyway, it’s a happy ending because a year later this bitch has already done all that and more! All the shit they scoffed at me for and some. Not just financially but in my life and my business.

A gif of Sally giving the middle finger

So, part of this is to say, Fuck the Man (esp. man like Peter Jones)! P-lease bro step aside! Also, a high five to me for getting shot down and using that to fuel my fire! I spent a lot of my life being told what to wear, what I could and couldn't say by a man. But those days are long gone. so, mamma, if he tells you what to wear, dump him. If they tell you you shouldn't, can't, mustn't, dump them and get back up and show them you can. Be the fucking phoenix so when they show you a replay of your life you can stand tall!

Also, if you wanna know how I did it click here and join us for the next round of Freedom Starts Here so you can stick it to 'The Man', the system and anyone who says you can't.




Sal xx

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