I'm Sally Mansfield, the founder of MANNERS LONDON I'm a self-taught designer, explorer & single parent.


When I moved to London after many years of living in Asia, I wanted to find a way to stay connected to the beautiful Island of Bali and the small family business that had made me endless, glorious garments during my time there. Being a curvy woman living in Asia, buying clothes from shops was just not an option so I became very close with the tailors I used. I also wanted to be my own boss so I could have more time for my son and to create something that empowers and feels inclusive. 

And so MANNERS LONDON was born. 



I’ve always loved simple but well-fitted clothes; bodycon dresses, skirts, jumpsuits & leggings are timeless staples for any wardrobe.  

Based of that, I designed a core collection that women could wear and feel gorgeous in. Women with boobs, bums and tummies need clothes that are form flattering and comfortable. Which all relied on the most important part of the design; the fabric.

The Fabric:

Premium quality fabric is something I will never compromise on, I chose thick cotton jersey for my entire range - it’s what makes Manners different to any other brand, it’s our personal trademark.

I also decided to have some strong prints in the collection, they’re all originals, screen-printed and dried under the Indonesian sun. (rainy season gets pretty tricky!),

The Tailors:

Partnering with the wonderfully talented couple Pak Dewa & Ibu Sunny we made the brand a reality, they’re magicians when it comes to tailoring and know how to fit clothes to a woman’s body.


The hustle.

I began selling at markets in London in 2015 and I still occasionally do at Spitalfields. I've met some amazing women being on my stall, in front of my customers.

It’s also the best research for how my pieces fit, what's trending and helps me come up with ideas for new collections.

The inspiring women I meet, who feel empowered by the clothes I design is why I still do it and I’m excited to keep growing the brand.

                     Sally Mansfield - Founder

                     Sally Mansfield - Founder