Jola Pocket Skater Dress Dress in Tangerine

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Jola Pocket Skater Dress Dress in Tangerine
Jola Pocket Skater Dress Dress in Tangerine

Joy in a dress. The usual banging support for you bangers and the first ever manners piece to have pockets! Big-ass pockets to keep all your junk. Adjustable straps for extra support and a deep back to get  mximum back tan.

 Every piece is made from the thickest dreamiest-creamiest-smoothiest stretch fabric. To be stretched and pulled and washed at the wrong heat and left on the line too long, screwed up in bags with muddy boots and danced all night in and still be your favourite piece of clothing every time. Because we know life is messy so you need clothes as strong as you.



XS- UK 6-8 (US 2-4)

S - UK 10-12 (US 6-8)

M - UK 12-16 (US 8-12)

L - UK 16-20 (US 12-16)

XL - UK 18-24 (US 14-18)


Pre Orders and bespoke orders:

If your size is not listed above then fear not! We will happily make it up for you especially, we can make sizes from petit XXXS up to size XXXL. It takes a little minute but will be well worth the wait!

As a very small business it is really hard for me to hold every size consistently so I offer the pre order option to be able to offer all sizes. This, however, does take time so I ask customers to leave up to 6 weeks for this service (it could be as fast as one or two). If it has been less then a month since ordering I would be super grateful if you just hung on as it is a lot to keep up with emails and if it’s ordered through the site it is 100% on its way!

Thank you so much!

P.S supporting small business and slow fashion is sexy AF x

The fabric used for all Manners London pieces is super thick with a huge stretch allowance without going see through at all so pieces to range across sizes. On arrival items will look small but don't be scared, its just the nature of the fabric and what makes it so deliciously smoothing and shaping and magical!

Jola Pocket Skater Dress Dress in Tangerine
Jola Pocket Skater Dress Dress in Tangerine

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