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It's loud, it's brash, it's a classic with a bite!

And I made it in some styles I can't live without:
Tib pants! The uniform all year round. Comfy, high waist, work for basically EVERYTHING, from squats to parties to long flights to hot dates to very not hot nights-in crying at Netflix.

The DIIDA: It's kinda cutesy classy with the frill, it's a bit flamenco dancer, it's sexy off the shoulder and it's versatile AF!
Wear it across the shoulder, one shoulder, boob tube, and with enough support to do handstands in and no slippage! (and I made it in crop and full length too!

I really love this new print SO much and I bloody hope you do tooo!

Sal xx
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      Kinda ironic because my 'party time' is me dancing around my kitchen at 7am! But whether your 'party' involves slippers and a cuppa, or the club here are my pics for this (birthday) Festive season! Because whatever your party looks like, make it comfy and sexy AF! 
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