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YEAH!!! You heard it right!

A long overdue new colour in the square neck, which I've been hanging onto for a minute because this feels like exactly what I want to wear for the arrival of spring! Bright green like little new shoots bursting from the ground! Which is exactly how I want to feel when the clocks finally change and the daffodils come out!

Like a bud bursting with energy and joy that the winter is finally over and Spring is finally here.

Fuck I love Spring so much
Fuck I love this colour so much.
Fuck I love square necks so much!

Thats it!

Love you
Sal x
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      It's hard to recommend my favourites because I love everything. I live in these clothes, I gift them to friends. I triple peg them on my (dangerously high) washing line. But here you go.... here are a few of my desert island items. 

      Hope you love them as much as I do!


      Sal xxx


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