For the sweaty ones!

For the sweaty ones!

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WRAP SKIRTS and some TUTTI FRUTTI incoming!
Something I have always struggled with, and always wanted to add to my manners wardrobe is a wrap skirt that actually fits round my butt and doesn't blow up in the lightest of breezes.

So.... I went and made one!

Wide waistband, thick tie, enough weight to stay put in light to medium winds (might be hard pushed in a gale but I'm doing my best)!

Aaaand... because I can't get enough orange in my wardrobe I made one of my favourite crops in Tangerine with bubble gum pink edging (because I am watching too much Derry Girls and re-living my best 90's life)

You will see me in these alllll summer!

Hope you love them!
Sal x
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      To all my sweaty sisters. The ones who run hotttt.
      If like me, summer comes with a tinge of sweat related fear. If it sits moist under your tits and trickles down your back.
      Then this list is for you, so you can live your summer joyfully, freely and without fear!
      All these styles are my faves to sweat freely in allll summer long!
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