For the sweaty ones!

For the sweaty ones!

New in!
Twin Flames (lol) and a bit on Love x

As an extra bit of love, here are the twin flames!

Two of my favourite tops in my favourite NEW COLOUR FLAME!

Because one thing I DO know about love is how to weave it into clothes. So here's some gorgeous tops with hugs built in, so you can fill up on a little extra love it and pass it along xxx

Happy Valentines day my loves. Especially to the ones that struggle with loneliness, that are scared by love and that find today a rough one. You are loveable, you are loved, you are love

Love you
Sal xx
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      To all my sweaty sisters. The ones who run hotttt.
      If like me, summer comes with a tinge of sweat related fear. If it sits moist under your tits and trickles down your back.
      Then this list is for you, so you can live your summer joyfully, freely and without fear!
      All these styles are my faves to sweat freely in allll summer long!
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