It's a 555 day!

A bit like my music taste and my general life/mood the new drops are spontaneous at best, chaotic at worst!

Whatever has been happening with the moon, my cycle, the world... life has definitely felt chaotic for a lot of people. My motivation has been on zero and my tiredness on 100! But, I heard (and I'm definitely taking it) it's a 555 day as I am writing this and that means shit is changing! True or not I am so ready to shake things up (again) prioritise what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. Look into more ways of turning up, learning, making change and connecting and collaborating with more women.

Anyway, my food is nearly ready so I'm gonna leave you with some new items that I hope you will love! And some important things to support.

I hope you had a restful week and carved out some moments to be with yourself, for yourself.