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Manners IRL (in the wild)

Kupu Bodysuit 3/4 Sleeved and Mesh in Black

Kupu-Kupu (means butterfly in Indonesian) and putting this on ...

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Reversible V-neck Midi Dress in Acid Wash

The Reversible V midi dress is my new go-to for Autumn Winter! Double split ..

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Zip Dress 3/4 Sleeve Midi in Esk

Zip it up for work and down for extra sauce, perfect for: office to date night, school run to ...

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A Letter of Love

“I don't know a lot about love, but I do know that despite spending a lot of my life single I feel bathed in it often

I don t know a lot about love but I know there are sparks of it in every smile shared on the street, in every act of kindness, in hugs from my friends and a welcome home from my cat and the laughter of my kid

I don t know a lot about love, but I do know that knowing the names of my neighbors is sprinkled with it, that saying ‘hi’ and ‘how are you’? to strangers is dipped in it, that meals shared are soaked in it, that stories told are full of it, and little gifts for no reason are wrapped up with it

I don t know a lot about love but I know that the more I give it the more I get filled up with it and the more I can give and round and round.

And sometimes as I lie in my bed alone I feel i could burst with it

And I know loneliness comes when I forget to nourish it

I don't know a lot about love but I believe in it despite all the pain and the shit and the sadness.

I don't know a lot about love but I know It holds hands with hope, and that you can make it from scratch and pass it along and watch it grow. And that, really is the beauty of it x

Love you
Sal xx”

Did you know?

Every piece is designed by me, a busy, messy single parent who doesn't own an iron and DEFINITELY does not hand wash anything! I made these for all the days; the sunny days and the sad days, for school runs and the date nights. To dance in and to cry in. I made these for you to wear a thousand times and still be your favourite thing in your wardrobe. I really made these with sooo much love. I hope you feel it when you put them on! xxx

What they said

2116 five star reviews


- Rachel -

Holy tits!

This dress is AMAZING! I really have no excuse for just how many manners dresses I've bought at this point, except for how fabulous they make me feel every time I put one on. This dress is absolutely perfect for fall. I was worried about it being too tight in the arms, but it stretched beautifully. I'm 5'4" and 180lbs and I always buy a medium. I think I'm going to wear it for Thanksgiving, which hopefully won't scandalize my family.

Reversible V-neck Mini Dress in Black

- Helena Carpenter -


Honestly, a magic dress that somehow holds up my 32EEs. Really comfortable and brilliantly structured. Lovely on its own and layered with tshirts/jumpers/sweatshirts. Love it ❤️ 😍 💖

Asri Dress in Black

- Megan Fawcett -

No, seriously though....

This skirt works for absolutely everything. It's so comfy, the perfect length, the ideal sexy slit up to just above the knee/mid thigh. It is already one that I want to wear with everything. And... Pockets?! Omg. Heaven. I will be getting at least a few more! Love love lovely!! xx

Asri Skirt in Black

- Belinda Belinda Lartey -


So I ordered this for a holiday but due to my procrastination it arrived after I had left. So I thought I was going to return it. But I tried it on when I got back and I can't return it because I look divine in it! It holds me well. The purple/green colour is perfect for my skin. This is love!

Multi Tie Reversible One Piece In Grape And Apple Sours

- Fleur Bone -

Such a beautiful colour

This top is utterly gorgeous, loved it so much I've ordered the crop version too. I'm slowly replacing all my basics with Manners - it's expensive yes but the quality is so much better than the high street and much more flattering.

Leki Full Length Top in Burgundy

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