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Manners IRL (in the wild)

Super High Waisted Tib Cycle Shorts in Acid Wash

A different realm of shorts. Super high waisted, double waist banded ...

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Diida Full Length Top in New Leopard

Great on allll the tits! The Diida is great for big ones, heavy ones...

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Baza Midi Dress in Black

Glam, tight, off the shoulder dream dress! This dress is fire. Date night, fancy event, ...

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A Letter of Love

" Sally, your clothing was such a gamechanger for me and how I see my body, how I feel in my body.

I cannot tell you how long I searched for this exact cut of top, thrifting, mall shops, everywhere, for years, it was so hard to find and never this quality of material, design or slow fashion.

I wear something from you nearly every day, and always feel so proud to share with people what kind of person designed it and where it comes from.

You helped me heal my relationship with my body, and help me look hot as fuck in the process.

I'm so unbelievably grateful for you and your clothing.

I mean it with all my being.

My boobs, curves and I live our best life because of your determination to make good shit for us. 🤣💜💜💜 "

Did you know?

Every piece is designed by me, a busy, messy single parent who doesn't own an iron and DEFINITELY does not hand wash anything! I made these for all the days; the sunny days and the sad days, for school runs and the date nights. To dance in and to cry in. I made these for you to wear a thousand times and still be your favourite thing in your wardrobe. I really made these with sooo much love. I hope you feel it when you put them on! xxx

What they said

1542 five star reviews


Size up!

I bought the small based on my previous purchases but I was at least a couple of inches smaller than my other garments.

Manners quickly responded to my concerns and after showing them the discrepancy they dispatched a size up.

I live in Canada and shipping was fast in both cases.

My medium is perfect and quality of material and style is really good.

Thanks for the great customer service!

Jan M 
Leki Mini Dress in Grass Green

Soooooo comfy

These are the most comfortable trackies ever. Not only are they soft and fit perfectly, they feel strong, durable and supportive. I'm a total manners convert now. I am ready to get rid of everything else I wear and just wear manners!

Trackie Trousers 2.0 in Super Soft Misty Grey

So hot

I wore this on a night out & several of my husband's friends propositioned me. I felt ridiculously hot. I've never worn a body con dress before! I will be saving my pennies for another Manners dress!

Clare Lanish 
Api Dress in Pomegranate Red

Pure luxury

Hands down my favourite item of clothing. I dreamed of this robe. Everything about it is perfect. Colour, fabric, quality. Never loved on something so hard.

The Silky Robe (the pleasure addition)

Amazing in so many ways!

My sister introduced me to Manners and i've been waiting for the right moment, it was so worht the wait! Amazing material, amazing design, so comfy and makes me feel incredible! Lets just say im am thoroughly converted!!!

Ellie Morton
Saffi dress in Cafè

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